27 agosto 2016

Yondelis con solo Tres Ciclos consigue una Respuesta Completa en Paciente que lleva una variante de BRCA2 ...

Association of the Germline BRCA2 Missense Variation Glu2663Lys with High sensitivity to Trabectedin-based Treatment in Soft Tissue Sarcoma .
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Published (Cancer Biol Ther [ Journal ]) : 25 Aug 2016 .

Gianmaria Miolo, Alessandra Viel, Vincenzo Canzonieri, Tania Baresic, Angela Buonadonna, Davide Adriano Santeufemia, Della Puppa Lara & Giuseppe Corona .


We report an interesting clinical case of a patient carrying a specific BRCA2 germline variant affected by bone and hepatic metastases from a high grade uterine stromal sarcoma who obtained a complete metabolic response after only three cycles of trabectedin treatment (1.5 mg/m2 given intravenously over 24 hours every 21 days). Molecular investigations linked this outstanding positive pharmacological response with the loss of heterozygosity (LOH) of the mutated BRCA2 gene. 

These data support the hypothesis that the response to trabectedin may be positively conditioned by the different DNA repair defects present in the neoplasm and that BRCAness tumor genotype is important in determining the efficacy of trabectedin-based chemotherapy.