25 abril 2017

PM1183 // PharmaMar . R&D Day Event, New York .

Resultado de imagen de pharmamar pipeline

Presentación R & D Day Event en New York :
Picar :  PharmaMar
 Picar :  Melinda Telli, MD, Stanford University, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA

Picar :  Martin Forster, MBBS MRCP PhD, UCL Cancer Institute, University College Hospital, London, UK
Picar :  Sue Friedman, DVM, Executive Director of Facing Our Risks of Cancer Empowered (FORCE)

Melinda Telli, MD : “Development of lurbinectedin in BRCA2 mutation-associated BreastCancer” .

PM1183 Cancer de Mama , Resultados de clinica :

PM1183 , Resultados de Clinica del Tratamiento en un Paciente con C,ancer de Pulmón SCLC :

Sue Friedman : “Improve the Lives of Individuals & Families Affected by Hereditary Breast, Ovarian & Related Cancers” .