27 abril 2017

PharmaMar demonstrates its progress in R&D in New York .

Pharmamar hosted in New York the “R&D Day”.

Dr Melinda Telli, from the University of Stanford, and Dr Martin Forster, from the University College of London, spoke about their findings and results from the clinical trials with PM1183.

 Various members of PharmaMar’s management team presented their plans for mid-term company growth, outlying the research milestones that have been defined for the next five years.
 The content of the meeting, including the presentations by the expert investigators, was recorded and will be available for viewing from our website.
Madrid, 27th of April 2017 –

Under the title of “R&D Day”, PharmaMar hosted an

investor meeting in New York to demonstrate its evolution and potential in the areas of R&D . Various members of PharmaMar’s management team, together with key global opinion leaders in oncology discussed the company’s scientific pipeline.
With the aim of defining and contextualizing PharmaMar’s research work, the meeting saw the participation of Dr Melinda Telli, an oncologist from the School of Medicine of the University of Stanford, and Dr Martin Forster, an oncologist from the University College of London. Both experts explained their investigative experience and the progress and positive results that have been obtained up to now with lurbinectedin (PM1183), the most advanced molecule in the PharmaMar pipeline, a transcription inhibitor which is directed at treating various cancer including hereditary breast cancer (discussed by Dr Telli) and small cell lung cancer (discussed by Dr Forster) respectively.
In addition, Sue Friedman represented the patients’ association Facing Our Risks of Cancer Empowered (FORCE), of which she is the Executive Director, with the aim of highlighting the importance of joint investigation and innovation in oncology by oncological centres, opinion leaders and patients. Representing the company’s management team, José María Fernández, President of PharmaMar, presented the company’s five-year growth plan following on from the basis of the progress that has been delivered to date.
“Today, PharmaMar has a Treatment option that is accessible for oncological patients, but our project is to keep growing”. In addition, Luis Mora, Managing Director of PharmaMar’s Oncology Business Unit, added that the company’s aims are directed at “being able to deliver three valid products for a minimum of five indications to the medical community in the
near future, following the successful example of Yondelis®”.
The presentation by Arturo Soto, director of Clinical Development of PharmaMar´s Oncology Business Unit, included the earlier clinical data for Lurbinectedin in ovarian, small cell lung, breast and endometrial cancers, which preceded the current CORAIL and ATLANTIS Phase III studies with lurbinectedin which assess the efficacy in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer and in small-cell lung cancer, respectively. Information was also offered about several clinical trials in progress as well as a general vision of the company’s strategy.
Jose Luis Moreno, Director of Capital Markets also presented the company financials, balance sheet and income statement as of year-end 2016 and updated certain expectations for 2017.
Finally, Pascal Besman, PharmaMar’s Chief Operations Officer in the United States, told the attendees about the company’s development plan in the country. This involves establishing a solid communication structure with key groups within the health system, patient and care giver associations, , oncologists and the media.