07 abril 2017

Yondelis ( TM ) . According to International Oncologists, Trabectedin is the Therapeutic Option of Reference For The Second Line Treatment of Sarcoma .

Según Oncólogos Internacionales, Trabectedina " sigue siendo la 
opción terapéutica de referencia " en segunda línea para el 
tratamiento del sarcoma .

PharmaMar // Madrid, April 7th, 2017.

*.- Trabectedin is a well-tolerated drug by patients for its low level of toxicity .

*.- Oncologists from around the world met in Madrid to analyze the current therapeutic options to fight sarcoma .

 The importance of an early diagnosis, to encourage the presence of multidisciplinary teams, planification of the treatment based on the morphological diagnosis and the necessary availability of therapies for each different sarcoma subtype, were a few of the principles conclusions extracted from the second edition of the international congress, “Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Evidence & Experience”, organized by PharmaMar.

With relation the two most common subtypes of soft tissue sarcoma, leiomyosarcoma and liposarcoma, oncologists from around Europe met to emphasize that trabectedin is the most adequate treatment option when the therapeutic objective is for a long-term stabilization of the tumor, guaranteeing a good quality of life for the patienti

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“If we compare trabectedin with other drugs in the treatment of uterine leiomyosarcoma, for example, in the clinic we more frequently select trabectedin due to the long progression free survival (PFS) reported in phase II and phase III”, explains Dr Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Medical Oncology Léon Bérard Center in Lyon, France.

With respect to liposarcomas, in a study carried out in patients with myxoid liposarcomas, trabectedin has shown an overall response rate of 51% and a median PFS of 14 months . 

“After 5 cycles of doxorubicin + ifosfamide, tumor progression occurred and treatment with trabectedin as 2nd line was maintained beyond 6 cycles achieving a long-lasting response and tumor controliii”, Dr. Peter Reichardt, Director, cancer center Berlin-Buch, Germany, stated.

The recommendations from the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) published in its clinical guidelines on sarcoma, refer to the second-line administration of trabectedin for the treatment of all types of soft tissues sarcomas in an advanced state. 

These guidelines also highlight that the efficacy of this compound in the treatment of leiomyosarcoma and liposarcoma has been demonstrated, as well as its clinical benefit in other histological subtypes .

Through real clinical cases, oncologists from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland, have underlined, among other things, the importance of adapting the treatment to the characteristics and necessities of the patients. Quality of life is one of the most worrying aspects. In the case of trabectedin it is well tolerated by the patients for its low toxicity .