23 mayo 2017

Efficacy of Trabectedin in Patients With Advanced Translocation-Related Sarcomas : Pooled Analysis of Two Phase II Studies.

The Official Journal of the Society for Tralational Oncology .

The Oncologist first published on May 18, 2017 .

The OncologistShizuoka Cancer Center Hospital, Shizuoka, Japan .

Abstract // BACKGROUND :

Trabectedin is reported as effective, especially against translocation-related sarcomas (TRSs) after failure of or intolerance to standard chemotherapy. We conducted two phase II studies of TRS, confirming high efficacy of 1.2 mg/m2 trabectedin. The updated data of 66 patients in these studies was integrated to evaluate the efficacy of trabectedin against each histological subtype, and analyze final overall survival (OS).


Our updated and pooled data showed that trabectedin exerted prolonged disease control and antitumor effects in patients with advanced TRS, especially in MRCL. We consider that the subgroup analyses also provide important information for trabectedin treatment in patients with TRS.

The progression-free survival (PFS) for the integrated data of 66 patients with translocation-related sarcomas (TRSs) in two phase II studies of trabectedin 1.2 mg/m2 was 5.6 months (95% confidence interval: 4.1-7.3). PFS and response rate in myxoid/round-cell liposarcoma was longer than that of other subtypes. The overall survival (OS) in all TRS subtypes was similar to previous data of TRS patients. In subgroup analysis, the patients with baseline lymphocyte count ≥1,000/μL exhibited better OS, although PFS was not different by baseline lymphocyte count. Our data are considered important information for trabectedin treatment in TRS patients.

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